“Air, Earth, Fire, and Water” – the Twelve Senses Retreat

The extraordinary design hotel Twelve Senses Retreat in Encinitas in southern California offers its guests the ultimate in relaxation for body and soul. Encinitas is located close to San Diego and is regarded as one of the world’s top surfing spots. The atmosphere of the coastal town is imbued with a love of surfing, yoga, health, and getting close to nature. The guests of Anke Bodack can also experience this special ambience. With the Twelve Senses Retreat the designer has realized her life’s dream of a minimalist micro-hotel. Its name refers to the twelve human senses found in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The Austrian philosopher divides the senses into physical, environmental, and cognitive senses. At the Twelve Senses Retreat, these are stimulated through a combination of quality accommodation, a sense of well-being, and sustainability.
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