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Ordinary becomes extraordinary. We believe in creating sustainable living spaces where high quality and timeless design unite to foster a unique sense of well-being.
Duravit Artisan Lines are a select design series that requires an extraordinary degree of know-how, craftsmanship, and the highest levels of precision, which are only possible thanks to Duravit's decades of expertise.
We’re constantly striving for originality. Nobody wants to be like everybody else; everybody wants to be different. We look everywhere for ideas that make us unique.
Duravit is on a comprehensive climate mission. Find out all the facts & figures as well as more information about our current sustainability projects around the world in our latest Sustainability Report 2023.
A place that’s much more than the beginning of the day or the start of the night. A place that helps us be as much of an individual as we like. And one that adds something to our life. Each and every day.
We’re constantly striving for originality. No-one wants to be the same as others; everyone wants to be different. We look everywhere for ideas to make us unique. But in the process, we often forget that these ideas are there, inside us. 
Everything you need to know about good bathroom design. Here and now. With Duravit. We develop the right design, top quality and comfort enhancing technologies for anyone who wants to breathe life into their bathroom.
Featuring the typical, original Duravit design, the faucets series can be harmoniously combined with all bathroom series.
Change is ever­present but it has a special effect in one place: the bathroom. Because this is where we wake up and switch off. Where we clean ourselves, recharge our batteries, reinvent ourselves – every day.

For Non-European markets:
Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. Also after using the toilet: This is why Duravit developed SensoWash®.

The complete bathroom from a single source --- For the public, semi-public and private sectors --- Flexibility in planning: from price-conscious to premium --- The ultimate in quality, technology, design

Duravit offers reliable and convenient in-wall technology for toilets, urinals, washbasins and bidets.

Of course, good design isn’t everything, but all the same a well-designed object makes life more pleasant. Even more so if it is affordable. D-Code from Duravit offerns everything - from washbasin to towel rail, consistently designed throughout and with an excellent value.
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