Saving energy and water in the bathroom

Everyone can save energy and water – every day and everywhere. But how can you put this into practice simply and effectively in your daily routine? Are there any useful tips for saving water and energy? And how can bathroom faucets and showerheads help?

Water consumption and potential for savings

A true but little-known fact is that the amount of drinkable water available globally is constantly shrinking. This is a real problem with an increasingly negative impact on the environment and also on your pocket. And yet in Germany, for example, every person uses, on average, 127 liters of water per day.¹ What can we do about this? It’s important to increase people’s awareness of their water use and encourage them to actively save water.

In 000 days

Consumption in Germany
liters per person
With Duravit faucets
liters saved
With this, you could fill
Or water
trees per week

Water-saving tips forthe bathroom

Energy-saving tips for the bathroom

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