Toilet Paper Facts

How sustainable is Germany?

Sustainability is a much-discussed issue nowadays. However, there’s one small area - the toilet - which often doesn’t get much of a mention. This is because our behavior on the toilet, and especially our use of toilet paper, is far from sustainable. In this respect, Germany is in front all the European countries: significantly more toilet paper is used here than in France or Italy. This isn’t due to a different approach to hygiene, though, but because bidets are much more widely used in these countries. So could washing with water be a sustainable way to protect the climate? And how high is the consumption of toilet paper in Germany exactly?

Toilet paper consumption in minutes

About 12 kg per person per year - that’s how much toilet paper is used by Germans. A figure that sounds like a lot, but isn’t so easy to visualize. How many sheets is that per minute, for example? How high is the resulting paper consumption and how can it be represented visually? A visual representation can be found in our Counter.

In 000 Min.

Toilet paper
Football pitches

If everyone in Germany switched over: resources saved by shower toilets

In 000 Min.

in euros
Water consumption
in liters
CO² emissions
in kg
Trees felled
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