Extraordinary architecture that reveals new horizons

For centuries, Hamburg's harbour has shaped the development of the Hanseatic city. Shipyards, docks, terminals and ships from around the world are as much a part of Hamburg as the Elbe and the Alster. Already in 1866, the most modern harbour of its era was opened here with the Sandtorkai. Nearly 150 years later, HafenCity is now taking over this pioneering position, as its “city within a city” concept is considered to be Europe's biggest inner-city development project. For a number of years now, the place where traders used to deal in coffee and spices has been witnessing the creation of a new mix of neo-Gothic stone structures in the historic warehouse district with modern office and residential buildings. Minimalist architecture featuring modern and maritime details is being combined with romantic brick walls that have long stood on oak piles in the water. Red bricks provide a link between the past and present, and are used both in the historic buildings and in the façades of the new structures. It is a defining colour scheme that can also be seen in the Cinnamon Tower, a bright red-brown structure that rises some 65 meters into the sky.

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